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What should a gamer's laptop have to play like a pro

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This is what the perfect 'gamer' laptop should have


What should a gamer's laptop have  so that he can play like a true pro? We are going to solve a question that many video game fans have asked themselves who want to go from the console to the computer but prefer the mobility that the former allows them above all..

Video games have long ceased to be a hobby for geeks. Right now people of all ages spend their leisure time immersed in adventures of all kinds, realistic or fantastic, on a game console, PC or laptop. Well, this article is dedicated to the latter. ¿ What laptop should have a gamer ? What are the appropriate characteristics to be able to enjoy any title in conditions on a device like this?

This is what the perfect 'gamer' laptop should have



  • A processor up to the task . Right now, both Intel and AMD offer components that can run demanding games. The important thing is to have a laptop from a Core i7 10750H, in the case of Microsoft, and a Ryzen 4 4600H in the case of AMD.
  • Graphics card . One of the most important elements of a gaming laptop . It is advisable to find a suitable balance between resolution and screen refreshment. A good graphics that does not raise the cost of the computer too much would be the NVIDIA RTX 3060, which offers games up to 1440p and 165 hertz of monitor renewal.
  • RAM is essential . Although it is true that 8 gigabytes (GB) are usually enough, it is advisable to opt for 16 GB if we want the laptop to last us many years. If we opted for the former, we should at least make sure that it had a slot to increase it.
  • Storage . Essential, and not just to enter our game library and see it full of titles. By default, the vast majority of laptops for gamers already have SSD solid hard drives that speed up the execution of applications. In terms of quantity, less than 1 terabyte should not be an option. As a sample, one button: a next-generation game like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes up no less than 250 GB.

Taking this into account, Lenovo offers in its Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptop a highly recommended article for all those who want to put hours of video games on PC (which, until now, only played from a console). It is also advisable for gamers who want to renew their equipment. And, of course, it is an ideal device for those who value mobility above all else .


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