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1. How to start the search for keywords for online commerce | Keywords for E-Commerce
2. Analyze the competition of a keyword for E-commerce
3. How to use Amazon to find keywords related to your products

Keywords are undoubtedly a key element when selecting and creating our content, since with them we will be looking to determine what the user's search intention is and thus select those with which to better position our post or videos and give an answer. suitable for this search. However, depending on the type of business we have, the type and use of Keywords varies, since if what we are looking for are keywords for an E-commerce, we must take into account the importance of these since organic SEO traffic is the main source of entry for this type of website and we must know how to attract the user to enter and make a purchase on our site..


We must bear in mind that the keywords that interest us are not necessarily those that have the most traffic, but those that will provide us with the greatest purchase intention or purchases on our site for a certain product.


It is important to know in this case that if we have an e-commerce website, the main objective is to make more sales and this is different from the general objective you have on a website, which is usually to get more traffic. For this, we must clearly guide our content and focus it correctly so that this entry to our site becomes a subsequent sale..


It is therefore important to spend time in carrying out an adequate and correct search for these keywords for our online commerce, so that the subsequent results are adequate.


Why is keyword research important for E-Commerce?
Every time someone performs a search, the search engine must decide which results to display based on all the matches and which ones it interprets as meeting the consumer search intent for that search. It is therefore important that the research and selection of these Keywords is correct, so that the search engine positions our website in the first search results and therefore users access our products and conversion occurs.


This is really positioning our content well so that the user gets to buy our product. For this it is necessary that our keywords are well chosen. We must bear in mind that a single position in the SERP can make our income for that product vary in a highly significant way..


You should approach keyword research from two different points of view.

  • Start from scratch with your own research
  • Analyze competitors.


Keyword research helps you:

  • Understand search demand in order to create an optimal SEO strategy
  • Create a list of relevant phrases that match your marketing goals


What to take into account when optimizing content for an E-Commerce?
For an eCommerce store, the home page and product pages are the highest priority for keyword optimization, but they won't be the only ones. You must optimize the category pages, publications, tags in images, etc. in the same way.


Where to put the keywords?

  • Home page of your online store
  • Product pages, in descriptions and images
  • Blog of your online store


Bearing this in mind, we are going to analyze how we can find the best Keywords for our electronic commerce and know the process that we must carry out in this case to obtain the best results.


1. How to start the search for keywords for online commerce | Keywords for E-Commerce

Before starting the practice, it is interesting that you follow a series of steps that will help you carry out a more specific keyword search and with better results. It is important to carry out this process so that the work is carried out in an orderly manner and this translates into a productive and well-done job with good results.


That is why, first of all, you must follow the steps described below, to start searching for keywords for your E-Commerce.


What to do to start looking for keywords for online commerce
The steps you must follow to start searching for keywords for your online business are as follows.
  • The first thing you should do is a list with all the products you want to sell in your online store. This will help you identify approximately how many keywords you will need based on the number of products you want to sell. Once you have created this list, you can make a list with each product and the keywords that will be associated with it. In this way you will have everything classified and ordered.
  • Now that you have the list created, you should try to find those words related to your product that encourage purchase, which in this case is your goal. For this you can search for content related to your product and with words like "buy," "where they sell" etc.
  • Finally, you must take into account when looking for keywords for your products that you must be specific with what you sell and not use generalities. It is also important that you do not use keywords that can attract traffic to your website, but that do not correspond to your articles, since in this way your customers would not be happy with the result of their search and this would influence your website correctly.



Now that you have created your list of products and keywords associated with each of them, you should know that there will be Keywords that will be better than others, since they meet certain requirements. In order to detect this you must take into account the following.


What requirements must a good keyword meet?
In order to select our keywords correctly, it is important that we take into account a series of requirements and thus be able to make a good selection of them.
  • One of the most important things that you must take into account to validate a keyword is that it is used by your customers to find the type of products that you sell. You may have a product that can be searched in multiple ways, so it will be important to find out how your customers search. For example, if you sell mobiles, it is possible that other people will look for them as cell phones. You should focus on the word that is most used for your audience in each case.
  • Seek that there is a balance between the search volume of that Keyword and the competition in this regard. This is important so that we face realistic things in this way and we are not wasting time trying to position a keyword with a very high difficulty. In order to analyze this, you can use different tools.


These are the basic aspects that you must take into account when selecting your keywords for your Online commerce store. With this clear, you can start to do your study and analysis of Keywords for your E-Commerce in a productive and adequate way.



2. Analyze the competition of a keyword for E-commerce

It is important that for the selection of our keywords, we do an analysis of the competition so that in this way we are not wasting time in terms that have a lot of competition and that are therefore too difficult for us to position.


The first thing we must do is analyze these Keywords in the SERP. Let's give an example to make it easier to understand this process. We must bear in mind that Google has the option to show up to 4 Adwords ads before the first organic result. This means that no matter how hard you work to position your E-Commerce in first place, you would only reach position 5 in the best of cases if this happens. In this hypothetical situation, the effort would not be worth the effort in most cases. That is why we must do the following to verify this and know the issues that position above this keyword.


For example, we want to focus on selling beach towels. In this case we would look for this keyword for example.

 Beach towels 



In this case, the data that interests us is the following:

  • Number of results: 11,700,000
  • We see that images are positioned first, which can give us ideas to include images in our post always with the tag of our keyword.


As we can see the number of results is very large and this will make it very difficult to position. Therefore it is important that we learn to segment and address a more specific audience or that we specify our product more.


It is important that we use tools to find Long Tail keywords related to this, such as the Google search engine, being free and really useful if we use it correctly. In this case we have selected, for example, the following keywords for our search term that we want to sell.

  • large beach towels
  • original beach towels
  • Beach towels that dry well




As we can see in this case, the result is much lower in volume, which is indicating that the options we have to position this term and later sell our towels are much higher despite the fact that the volume is too.


Now that you have these ideas, you will be able to select what type of content you want to create based on what you really want to sell. You must analyze the competition that appears with an exact match for your search. In this case we see that despite all the results we see, only one exact match result appears since even the first one is different.




This makes us see that we have a great opportunity to create content with the keyword "Beach towels that dry well" since there is very little competition for that term and a good volume of results.


Another of the options that we have, as we have Vitos above, is to add the word "buy beach towels that dry well" in our content and description, to make sure that those people who want to buy this product enter our website.


In this way you will be able to analyze the competition for the words you want to use to sell an item from your online store.


3. How to use Amazon to find keywords related to your products

As we well know, Amazon is undoubtedly one of the largest E-commerce worldwide, since it offers support for almost all the countries in the world and its level of sales is tremendously large. That is why we must take into account that this page can give us interesting information about what type of items we can sell and if their volume is high. In this way we can focus on creating our content based on this.


To do this, we are going to use its search engine to find the suggestions that it offers and that people are looking for within the application, which will help us determine different options and possibilities. Therefore, to make use of this search engine and find new ideas, we must do the following.


Step 1

The first thing you should do is place yourself in the search engine and put the term on which you want to create content to later sell that product. You will see that on the right side there are suggestions with this keyword that can give you search ideas.
 Beach towels 



Step 2

Now you can delete any of the link words that you have used, if you have used them, to find other types of Keywords and searches that the user does for that type of Keyword. You will see new keywords appear.




Step 3

You will also be able to use the Amazon search engine to find related content. For this we can leave only the main keyword.




Step 4

If you want to find more combinations, you can try the different letters of the alphabet to see the results offered by the Amazon search engine.




step 5

Also, if you look at the side, you will see other types of suggestions for the towels and categories that Amazon offers in relation to this product.




step 6

If you click on any of these categories, you will see that another series of suggestions related to the selected term are displayed.




In this way, find new ideas of products that are very sold and that can help you find new keywords to make your content and later make sales.


You should bear in mind that in addition to all the options that we have just seen, there are a number of different tools that will help you get ideas to know which keywords you should use in your E-commerce and which of them offer the best conversion for your sales. All these tools and the use of each one of them, you will be able to see in the following chapters of the Keywords course, all of which is explained in detail and with different advanced usage techniques and determine different data.


For this reason, it is important to effectively carry out keyword research for electronic commerce
since this will be a fundamental and very important step to develop a quality SEO strategy if we carry it out effectively and properly.


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