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The game does not start. The game only starts when i uninstall pubg, restart the pc and then reinstall pubg then I can play once. When I close the game I cannot play again. I get various error messages. It doesn't help if I check the files for errors. Then 1 faulty file is requested again 1.2 mb are downloaded but nothing changes the game does not start. What can I do ? I have the latest graphics card drivers i have a 960 gtx geforce

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If your hard drive is ok, sooner or later you won't be able to avoid reinstalling it. Somewhere the bug is in there.

Verifying the data very often does not help.

If you do, delete all other folders. There is also a backup function from Steam.

Steambutton / Backup and restore and follow the instructions.

I would not do that with PUBG, it would rather reload, otherwise the error could be installed again.

Here is a guide on how to reinstall the PUBG completely clean.


  1. Uninstall PUBG
  2. Go to your Steam library
  3. Right click on PLAYERUNKNOWNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and select Uninstall.
  4. A window appears asking for confirmation, click on Delete.
  5. Remove related files
  6. Press Windows key + R
  7. Type% localappdata%, then press Enter or OK.
  8. Delete the folder TslGame
  9. Navigate to the program files (x86) \ Common Files \ BattlEye and delete the file BEService_pubg.exe.
  10. Navigate to the program files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common and delete the folder PUBG.
  11. In Steam, go to Settings> Downloads and click Clear Download Cache.
  12. Restart Steam

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The other error messages would also be good to know.

Well, I would try to completely reinstall Steam.

The rest of your specs would also be great, so always put something in from the start.

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my system 960 gtx 2 gb, 3570 k, 8gb ram
other error messages is
when updating pubg an error is saved (application is running) and then there are always other numbers behind it some I wrote down 8844, 6560,8156 manchaml there is also hard disk write errors behind it , mostly after I checked files for errors on steam.
once there was a send report that i should send process has been crashed
if i go to tslgame with the task manager i can start the game but i only get the mask and once it was there. steam could not be initialized
Another error message is still fail to create E / steam / steam apps / common / PUBG / TSI game / binaris / win64 / tsIgame exe
steam completely uninstall is bad I have a lot of games with different game stands and some spielstände were lost in the deinstallien determined, and also because I have 400 gb or so and that takes a 50k brakeline more than one day all to reinstall
my falls nothing more that I can do that is not too complex to reinstall steam I do not so easily. does anyone have any other ideas or experiences
finally the following worked for me:

> Control Panel > Programs> Programs and Features> Activate / deactivate Windows features> Activate legacy components and tick the box in the folder> for DirectPlay.
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