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How to make good photographs to be treated in Photoshop

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Many times we take pictures with our digital SLR cameras but we are not sure how they have come out of light, although the camera's exposure meter marks us well; we always have to put the picture and the histogram on the screen,


Because when viewing it we will always have a good reference of the image exposure and we will have all the bit information that the camera can give us, and be able to treat the image in photoshop without loss of quality.

Let's give an example:


How does the histogram graph have to be to know that we have all the image information to deal with it?
The histogram is a graph that shows the pixels based on their tonal value.
Since the histogram we have it in the camera and in photoshop; We will take the image to the latter.
We will make three photographs: Overexposed, normal and underexposed

The horizontal axis of the histogram: it goes from the black to the left, passing through the central area that are gray, to the area on the right that represents the targets.

Overexposed photo:


We observe that we have information in the whole band, but we have saturated the targets. This photo can be corrected perfectly in photoshop.

Underexposed photo:


In the histogram, all the information is on the left and you would not have a diaphragm that would be more than half (16384) of all the information that the sensor can collect.
And it is unrecoverable in photoshop.


Perfect photo of light starts from zero (black) to level 31743 (white)

Some theory:

The sensors of digital cameras:

Each diaphragm in which the sensor is divided receives half the information of the previous one and so on.
Example of a 14-bit camera and distributed in 5 diaphragms (previous graph)

14-bit camera


Our camera captures the images in RAW format, although we configure it to be extracted in JPEG, to visualize or print it.


Antonio Ortiz

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