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The first steps to understand SEO

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization , that is, organic positioning .
On the other hand is the definition of SEM that is Search Engine Marketing or what is known in Spanish as Positioning of payment.

If a company implements an SEO strategy, they should classify and define the functions of each department, for example:

Marketing Staff

It will be in charge of defining who are the competitors, what are the services offered, how is the portfolio of regular and potential customers, the points of sale to be worked, among other activities.

Web Designers

They will be in charge of the promotion of the site using techniques in HTML code, CSS, codes in general and content for the site, among other activities and always strongly oriented to SEO positioning.


They will implement the SEO strategy to the site, performing the actions corresponding to their specialty, such as changing the tables to CSS, avoiding the ID in dynamic pages, among other techniques.
Once these basic questions have been defined, the SEO and SEM objectives will be determined.

SEM Objectives

The main objective of SEM is to increase the traffic of the target Web site. Strategies will be implemented that aim to get to know the usual clients and potentials of the site, as well as analyze the behavior of direct and indirect competitors.
Any SEM strategy that is implemented must combine different Online Marketing actions, as it is; Pay per click through Google Adwords, create and process user database to carry out e-marketing campaigns such as Newsletter or sending electronic newsletters, publish on certain websites at low cost, make articles to publish on the blog or in forums that have to do with the main activity of the company.

SEO objectives

It is about achieving natural or organic optimization in the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of visits.
These simple strategies will be able to advance considerably in the positioning of the website.
In turn, the SEM strategy is more contemplative and simple since it is about achieving positioning based on a payment action. On the other hand SEO optimization is a very low cost activity but harder to achieve the desired results.

If you want to perform a Google search test you must first identify the search engine that corresponds to the country of origin of the site, for example; if the search engine is located with the Google.com address, and the search site is located in Spain, it must be entered in the browser's address bar; Google.es, or write in the search box the name of the search engine.
Once the search engine referred to the country of the website has been identified, the appropriate keywords should be placed in order to find what is desired.


In the search result you will see that the sponsored links (SEM) will appear first on the right and sometimes on the top of the screen, since those places are called "Hot" sectors in the structure of a site. Web.

Then you will begin to see the SEO links that correspond to a correct organic positioning.


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