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How to activate LIVE SERVER in Visual Studio Code?

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Learn how to activate a free server, to see the code you are developing, do not know yet and pay for servers? Take advantage of this great extension and learn how to use and activate the Live server.

You must bear in mind that the installation of extensions in vscode is the same as in all operating systems, be it a Windows computer, mac, linux, etc.

The first and important thing to do is to have the code editor installed. If you do not have it yet you can enter the following link , to install it completely free. This is where to install live server in visual studio code.

Have a free server for Visual Studio Code

Already having our Visual Studio Code activated, what you should do is the following: Follow the steps to the letter so that you do not get lost in any of these.

  1. Open VS Code.
  2. You should look for "Extensions" or "Extensions" either from the left side the logo with a square or you give View and extensions . There is the quick method which is (Shift + Cmd + X).
  3. Then you look for  Live Server and install. Giving the green button to Install.
  4. Then you would already have this extension installed, the only thing you have left to do is check if it is really working. What you have to do is open an html document, right-click on the html code, finally click on “ Open With Live Server”  or the  quick function (Cmd + L Cmd + O).

A new tab will open in Chrome, depending on the browser you have for it and is your default.

In this way you can already enjoy a tab with your translated code that is updated as you save the code in your vscode.

how to have a web development server with vscode

You will wonder how to use live server in visual code, it is the simplest, the only function it has is to create a server with the translation of your code in real time, how to use it? You just have to have your code, right click and "open with live server".

live server visual studio code chrome

To activate and learn how to change the default browser with vs code "Open live server" is as follows, there are many questions that are given such as:

  • How to change default browser with VS Code's "open with live server"?

Well the reason, because the default browser opens, is because you have the default browser with which it opens, if you want to change it to chrome, you must go to your computer's settings and change the default system browser.lp us with a click on advertisi

In this way, visual studio code will take the measurements and automatically open the default browser that you have on your system.

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