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Today most adults have a mobile phone, to communicate with their contacts quickly and directly thanks to all the possibilities it offers. But not only are telephones used for communication , they also offer other types of services such as a photo or video camera, among many other things..



The number of mobile phones that exist in the market today is uncountable, as there are more and more brands and models that we can find for your purchase. That is why, depending on the phone we have, the functions and characteristics vary.


That is why when we buy a new terminal, we like to know all the details of its functions, but the truth is that this is not always so simple, since if we do not investigate a little, we will not know everything it offers. So that you do not have to waste time with this, TechnoWikis has searched for the most hidden functions that you can find in the Xiaomi Redmi 9 , so that in this way you can access them and use them whenever you want..



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1. How to use Xiaomi Redmi 9 video filter

One of the most used elements of our mobile phone is, without a doubt, the camera with which we can record videos and take photos. However, we do not always know all the functions it offers us, since the configurations it offers are more and more and better. In this case, in the Xiaomi Redmi 9 we have that we can apply different effects when recording short videos. In this way we can make more original videos without the need to download any external application.
  • Enter the chamber.
  • Select the short video section.
  • Click on the icon of a circle with cheese.
  • Choose the effect we want and give it to record.





2. How to make a collage with Xiaomi Redmi 9

In addition to the camera options, from the gallery we also have the option of accessing different functions. One of these functions is the possibility of making collages with our photos to place several images in one. This is very easy to do and we can do it in different ways.


  • Enter the gallery.
  • Select the icon of the three points at the top.
  • Click on Collages.
  • Choose the photos you want to add from "photos" or "albums".
  • Select the design you want to apply at the bottom.
  • Finally click on "Save".





3. How to make a video with photos and music Xiaomi Redmi 9

In addition to the possibility of making collage, from the gallery itself we have the possibility of making montages with photos and music, to record videos with these montages and to be able to share them with our contacts or save them for ourselves. Furthermore, the steps we must follow are very simple and it is a very easy to use service.
  • The first thing is to access the gallery.
  • Click on the icon with the three dots in the upper corner.
  • Enter the Clip section.
  • From "photos" or "albums" click on those photos that you want to add to the montage.
  • Select the type of template, music and edition you want to apply from the bottom.
  • Finally when you have finished, click at the bottom where it says "Save".





4. How to activate dark mode on Xiaomi Redmi 9

There is no doubt that the dark mode has become very fashionable lately. Generally we can find this in separate applications, but in the Xiaomi Redmi 9 we find that we can natively activate this mode on the phone in case we want it.
  • Adjustments
  • screen
  • Dark mode
  • Activate the "Dark Mode" tab and we will see that the background is black





5. How to lock apps with Xiaomi Redmi 9 password

The number of applications that we download on our phone can be immense, but nevertheless not all are the same for us. This implies that perhaps on certain occasions we want to password-protect certain apps, since they contain a large amount of personal data or content that we do not want someone who at any given time has our phone to access.
  • Adjustments
  • Applications
  • Application blocking.
  • Set the password for the app lock.
  • Finally, select the apps you want to block.






6. How to set song as notification Xiaomi Redmi 9

Notifications from our phone are constant since we receive news about applications, messages, calls, etc. on a daily basis. That is why you may be interested to know that there is the possibility of putting a song as a tone for your notifications. This way you can select how you want it to sound when you receive a new notice on your phone.
  • Settings.
  • Sound and vibration.
  • Notifications.
  • All ringtones.
  • Choose a local ringtone.
  • Now select the song from the audio files, the file manager or the music.





7. How to share WiFi with QR Xiaomi Redmi 9

There is no doubt that one of the main configurations that we carry out on our phone is to establish the WiFi or data connection to be able to browse the web or download applications. However, it is possible that we connect to a WiFi network and then we do not remember your password and we need it so that other devices can connect. In that case we have the possibility of sharing this data through a QR code that can be scanned by the other terminal.
  • Adjustments
  • Wifi
  • Tap to share password
  • Scan the QR code





8. How to put second space on Xiaomi Redmi 9

Since we use our phone for many things, it is possible that, for example, by expecting personal aspects of professionals, we are interested in creating a second space on the phone. In other words, it is like having two phones but one. In this way, in each space you can download different apps or manage different information.
  • Adjustments
  • Special functions
  • Second space
  • Activate the second space





9. How to duplicate apps on Xiaomi Redmi 9

As we have been saying, applications are an essential part of our phone since thanks to them we extend the functions and manage different aspects such as our social networks, email, etc. However, it is possible that for different reasons, you want to have a duplicate app to have two well differentiated accounts, but in the same area of ​​the phone. In this case with the Xiaomi Redmi 9 we can do it if you need external applications.
  • Adjustments
  • Applications
  • Dual applications
  • Activate the app you want to duplicate
  • You will see that the duplicated app appears with a yellow circle to differentiate it





10. How to rotate to mute calls Xiaomi Redmi 99

Today we take the phone wherever we go, and at times we may have heard a call at an inappropriate time, but we do not want to leave the phone in continuous silence. In this case, it is best to activate that by turning the screen, the calls are silenced, so that they interrupt as little as possible at a certain moment.
  • Adjustments
  • Applications
  • System app settings
  • Call settings
  • Incoming call settings
  • Rotate to mute the call





11. How to configure buttons for Xiaomi Redmi 9 shortcuts

Being comfortable with the use of a mobile phone is undoubtedly essential since the hours we spend in front of the small screen are usually quite a few.
  • Adjustments
  • Additional settings
  • Button shortcuts
  • Now select the function you want to perform and the button you want to assign.






12. How to put quick answers in Xiaomi Redmi 9 apps

When we receive a notification on the phone, generally what we do is enter the corresponding app and respond to this warning. However, we may be interested in the idea that we can respond quickly directly from notifications. In this case with the Xiaomi redmi 9 we can activate this service, following the following route.
  • Adjustments
  • Special functions
  • Quickly answers






13 . How to activate gestures Xiaomi Redmi 9

In addition to the settings that we have seen, we also have the possibility of activating gesture control on the phone so that in this way we do not have to use the screen buttons, but in a gestural way we can change the screen, go back etc. In the event that we want to know how to do this, you must follow the steps detailed in the following tutorial.



It is possible that you are using a Xiaomi Redmi 9 for the first time you did not know many of these settings, so from now on you will be able to get more out of your phone when using it.


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