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Learn how to use Instagram Reels

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The success of the Chinese network TikTok gave Instagram ideas. This is how the network of photo sharing preferred by Internet users has just launched its new format of short videos called Reels. This new tool allows Instagram users to create and share videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds. Here's how it works..

Create your first Reels on Instagram

This Tuesday June 23 marks an important date for Instagram with the launch of Reels. This new function allows subscribers to create and broadcast short videos. Although this concept is far from new, Instagram is counting on its creative effects to attract new subscribers, especially among the youngest.

From its launch, the Reels feature (film reels in English) has a huge catalog of music. And this is far from a detail. Music is the number one factor in creating a fun and engaging video..

The animated sequence can then be enhanced with video effects like Mouth face, pride frames and many other filters. The application also has a speed mode to adjust the speed of the video. The options are numerous but rest assured, as always Instagram has done everything to make its video editing tool as simple as possible.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Click on the Menu button then on the section My games and applications
  • Tap the updates tab
  • Search the Instagram app list
  • Click the update button
  • Wait a few minutes for your smartphone to download the latest version of the photo sharing application
  • Launch Instagram
  • Open the app camera by sliding your finger from right to left
  • Click on the camera button
  • Scroll through the different options on the camera's shutter button
  • Click on the Reels option
  • During the first launch, Instagram will display a short introductory message. To make it disappear, just click on the start button.
  • Tap the music icon to choose the background for your video
  • Click on the effect icon to enhance your clip with the filter of your choice
  • The timer function will allow you to choose the duration of your clips but also to start a countdown before the start of the recording.
  • Press the shutter button to start recording. Release the shutter button to stop recording your clip

The Reels function allows you to stop recording the video several times. Once the capture of your sequence is finished, the Reels editing tool offers you the possibility of modifying the cover photo with an image from your clip or with an image stored in the memory of your phone..

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