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Here is the procedure to obtain a certified badge on Instagram

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In order to improve security and build trust, Instagram has just expanded access to its account certification program. The little blue bastille is no longer just for big companies, the media and influencers. We will see in this tutorial what are the essential steps to get a certified badge on Instagram..

Certify your Instagram account

Want to see a small blue check mark next to your name on the photo sharing social network? Formerly reserved for public figures and internationally known entities, the badge system is now open to the general public.

Please note that not everyone is eligible for the Instagram certification program. You must not dream. If all users could easily get a blue check mark, it would no longer be useful. image

Another problem, Instagram does not publish the official criteria for obtaining this precious sesame. Obviously, all accounts that do not respect the rules for using Instagram (spam, false accounts, respect for other members) will not be able to obtain the blue badge..

Some tips for getting Instagram certification

Most social networks and especially Twitter already have a verification system similar to that of Instagram. They allow users to verify the authenticity of an account and to know if it is a bot (robot) or a human being.

To get this little check mark next to your name, you will need to meet several conditions. First, your account must be of interest to the community. You need to post attractive photos and videos on Instagram. For example, you can blur the background of your photos to make your photos even more beautiful. On the other hand it is absolutely necessary to avoid posting contents copied on Internet..

Second, your Instagram account must have a sufficient reputation with a significant number of followers. Obviously, this requires work. It is not easy to garner subscribers and generate interactions.

There are several tips to help you build your online reputation and develop your Instagram account. Here are some tips to make your Instagram profile more attractive.

  • Use popular hashtags
  • Promote your Instagram account on your blog and other social networks
  • Publish your photos and videos during prime time (8:00 am to 9:00 am).
  • Use the most used filters (MyFair, Rise, Valencia)
  • Track similar accounts
  • Personalize your messages

It is difficult to reach 1000 followers on Instagram. Some of you may be tempted to take shortcuts or even delete your Instagram account. Please note that certain practices are totally prohibited by the social network. For example, you should never buy followers or post artificial comments (spam). Also remember to remove annoying friends from your Instagram feed.

Steps to verify your Instagram account

Now that you know the best practices for having more Instagram followers, let's see how to decorate your profile with a blue badge. The process is extremely simple. However, as we explained above, this manipulation will not certainly allow you to obtain Instagram certification.

Once the request is sent, you will have to wait for Instagram to examine your file. You will then receive the response as a notification directly on your smartphone. Remember that Instagram favors accounts that have a lot of followers.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile
  • Click on the Profile button located in the lower right corner of the window
  • Press the Menu button at the top right
  • Select the Settings option image
  • Scroll down until you see Request Verification. If the latter does not appear, you will need to update the Instagram application image
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Take a photo of your ID and press the select file button to send it to Instagram. The social network also accepts a driver's license, passport and all official documents on which your name and date of birth appear. image

Now you just have to wait. As indicated in the rules of use, the transmission of your request does not guarantee that the verified status will be obtained. Instagram favors accounts with a high risk of identity theft.

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