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How to delete a Twitter account on an Android mobile

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Addicted to Twitter, you spend several hours a day staring at your smartphone screen viewing tweets and sharing them with your friends. This addiction to social networks makes you waste a lot of time and you want to put an end to it. Below is the procedure for deleting your Twitter account..

Tired of Twitter?

Twitter has those who like it and those who hate it. The social network of the little blue bird leaves no one indifferent. Some bulimic information internet users devote hours of it to monitoring the latest news or looking for anything that makes the buzz.

Others exchange their moods or their favorites. It's simple, easy but not without risk. In the absence of rules and control, some people are tempted to spend more time there than reason. This addiction to social networks can affect both adults and young people and interfere in their social relationships..

Conversely, some people signed up to see what it looked like but never posted a single message. The 140 character limit imposed by the microblogging site seems totally exceeded to them. They find the use of this tool very complicated and are completely closed to the concept of retweet or TT.

And then on Twitter , people got into the habit of commenting on everything and even criticizing. Many do not hesitate to distill nasty or even downright hate messages. This gratuitous aggression is not without consequences. Victims of this type of attack do not emerge unscathed from such an experience..

Deactivate your Twitter account

As you can see, there are hundreds of reasons to want to delete your Twitter account. Fortunately, the procedure for deactivating your account presents no particular difficulty. Attention, it is however impossible to carry out this operation directly from the Twitter application. This must be done from the social network website à l'oiseau bleu.

  • Launch your internet browser
  • In the url field type the Twitter address: https://twitter.com/
  • Click on the connect button then enter the identifiers of your account image
  • Then press on the account settings section and then on the heading deactivate my account image
  • Read the conditions for deleting a Twitter account
  • Scroll down the whole window then click on deactivate your account image
  • Enter your password to validate the operation

Your account has just been deactivated. All of your personal data will be kept by Twitter for 30 days after the deactivation date . Without the knowledge of this period and in accordance with the rules of Twitter, your account will be entirely deleted.

Please note that if you change your mind within 30 days of the deactivation date, Twitter gives you the option of reactivating your account. To do this, you just need to log into Twitter using your credentials as you normally do. This simple operation will automatically cancel the process of deleting your Twitter account.

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