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How to customize the news feed in the Google app

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The Google application has a tool called feed (or feed in English) to centralize all the news content that may interest you. This selection is based in particular on the history of your searches. However, as we will see in this article, it is possible to customize the type of news according to your own areas of interest..

How do I access Google's news feed?

Personalized information feed is available on most Android smartphones. To access it, simply launch the Google application and scroll through the different maps. For example, if you are passionate about paragliders or smartphones, you will find different articles related to these activities.

Hide topics that don't interest you

Obviously, this news feed is by no means static. It will evolve according to your research and your centers of interest. To help you follow exactly what interests you, Google Flux offers to ban themes and subjects that don't interest you..

  • Launch the Google app
  • If you have not already installed it on your smartphone, you can download it for free from the Play Store by clicking on this link: Google app
  • Scroll through the different articles to read
  • Select from the list a card whose subject does not interest you
  • Click on the menu button (3 points) to display the options image
  • Press the heading Not interested in the topic to remove this topic from your feed

Note that you can also use this function to remove certain websites from your feed. It will then suffice to select the option Not interested in articles published by .

Get more personalized information

The purpose of the Google application feed is to display all the information you need without even having to do any research. Whether you are a sports fan, rap addict or a canoe lover, you will spend less time and energy to stay informed..

The algorithms used to create your personalized news feed do not always allow you to obtain the expected results. As a user, Google offers you the possibility to select the theme of the cards to display in your news feed. To perform this operation, you must first activate the Activity option on the web.

  • Launch the Google app. If you have a Nexus or Pixel smartphone, go to the home page of your device then slide your finger from left to right
  • Click on the menu button located in the top left corner of the application
  • Tap Settings then Accounts & privacy image
  • Select the option Google orders relating to activity then activity on the Web and applications image
  • Activate the activity activity on the Web and applications

Choose the type of information to display

You are now ready to add the subjects that interest you yourself. This step will allow you to increase the possibilities offered by Google Flux and greatly improve the potential of this application.

  • Open the Google app menu
  • Click the customize button
  • Press the follow topics button image
  • Select one of the proposed centers of interest. In the example we will select technology image
  • Choose the subject you want to follow from the list by pressing the + button at the top of each thumbnail image

Now you just have to repeat the operation for each of your areas of interest. The content is then automatically displayed based on the publications posted online by the websites. It generally consists of a title, a photo, a short description.

Disable information from certain websites

To prevent certain types of information from appearing on your smartphone, you can decide to block the sites individually.

  • Open the Google app
  • At the top left click on the menu icon
  • Select the Customize option then on Sources
  • Click on Websites
  • Then indicate that you no longer want these cards to appear in your feed

Please note, this feature is not available on the latest versions of the Google app. If it does not appear on your smartphone, you will have to use the function explained in the chapter to hide the subjects that do not interest you.

What is Google's news feed for?

Very few Android users are aware of the existence of Google Feed . It's too bad. As you may have discovered, this new genre of news feed may prove very useful to many of you.

Thanks to its machine learning system, the news feed of the Google application offers all kinds of content (articles, videos) corresponding to your interests. To make its selection of news, Google relies on the research you do on the web or in applications like YouTube or Play. The American giant is also based on your location in order to provide you with trends and news in your region.

Unlike social networks like Facebook, which favor the content with the most recommendations (like), the Google feed favors the information that really interests you. You can get the results of your favorite team or information about your favorite music group without even having to ask.

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