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How to use night mode on iPhone

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Apple has just released the new version of its iOs 9.3 mobile operating system. This update brings various new features including the brand new night mode also called Night Shift supposed to help us sleep better..

Blue light prevents sleep

The blue light emitted by LCD screens has been at the heart of a controversy for several months. In fact, several scientific studies accuse it of disturbing the sleep of smartphone and tablet users. Researchers have shown that exposure to blue light from mobile phone screens would reduce the production of melatonin, which is responsible for falling asleep .

Staying too long in the evening or at night in front of a screen would therefore prevent you from finding sleep quickly. As we all know, short nights are a source of stress and can damage our immune system. The hours of sleep lost are difficult to make up for..

IPhone Night Shift

Obviously, the most effective solution to limit the harmful effects of blue rays is to put aside your iPhone or iPad before going to bed. For many users this sacrifice is simply unthinkable.

Fortunately, Apple has just added a new feature to the iPhone called night mode or Night Shift in the language of Shakespeare. Once activated, the screen will automatically adjust the intensity of the colors according to the time of day and your geographic location (GPS)..

image Result, evening or night, the iPhone will display warmer colors tending to orange. This will result in a much more pleasant reading experience in low light. In addition, numerous studies have shown that this shade filters out the bluish rays emitted by LCD screens and thus protects the retina from light waves toxic to health.

How to activate night mode

If you want to sleep better, it would be wise to activate the night mode of your iPhone or iPad digital tablet.

  • Open Settings on your Apple mobile device
  • Select the Brightness and display section
  • Check the blue light reduction option

The night mode will now automatically adapt the calibration of your iPhone screen according to the time and your geographic position. As soon as the sun begins to set, the screen will become more orange in order to limit the emission of blue light. Note that this new feature is only offered on the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6S.

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