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Repair SRTTRAIL.TXT Windows 10 Solution | C windows system32 logfiles srt srttrail.txt

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The blue screen in Windows 10 is one of the issues that we must pay more attention because for many users this is a sign of critical errors, it may be like this but on other occasions they are simply a series of errors related to some failures in the computer's drivers or with startup services..


One of these blue screens is linked to SRTTRAIL.TXT together with the message
"MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION", this is an error that can occur before logging in or during work, normally the error is related to a failure in the automatic repair of the system and it allows us to select two options either to use the advanced repair or to shut down the system.


This error can occur for reasons such as:


  • Corrupt or damaged programs
  • Hardware issues at the compatibility level or in its drivers
  • Windows 10 updates
  • Malware or virus




TechnoWikis will explain how to correct this error and for this we can access the advanced repair as soon as the error appears or access it from Settings..


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How to fix SRTTRAIL.TXT error in Windows 10


Step 1

As we mentioned, we can access advanced repair from Settings, for this we are going to:


  • Start
  • Setting
  • Update and security
  • Recovery


Step 2

There we click on the "Restart now" button located in the "Advanced Start" section:





Step 3

The system will reboot:





Step 4

In the first window displayed we select "Troubleshoot":





Step 5

Then we click on "Advanced Options":





Step 6

In the next window we will see a series of options, there we must click on "Command Prompt":





Step 7

After that, we select the user with which we will access the console:




Step 8

Then we enter the password of the account and in the console first we are going to run an analysis of the disk with the following command. This will scan the disk for errors.
 chkdsk / f / r C: 



Step 9

After this we access the drive where Windows 10 is installed which from this console will be X:
Step 10

We access the following route:
 cd x: \ windows \ system32 \ config 



Step 11

Once there we are going to create a backup with the following command:
 md backup 



Step 12

We create a copy of the content with the following command:
 copy *. * backup 



Step 13

Now we create an extra backup:
 md backup1 



Step 14

Again we copy the files in this backup:
 copy *. * backup1 



Step 15

We access the system records:
 cd regback 



Step 16

There we list the files with "dir":





Step 17

We execute the following command. In this case it indicates that the file does not exist, but there is no problem for it.
 copy *. * .. 



Step 18

Now we are going to run the commands to correct Windows 10 boot, first of all, we enter the following:
 bootrec / fixmbr 



Step 19

This will correct the errors that may be present in the startup MBR (Master Boot Record) sectors, then we will execute the following:
 bootrec / fixboot 
Step 20

This will correct the startup values ​​of the operating system:








Step 21

We export the files with the following command:
 bcdedit / export c: \ bcdbackup 


Step 22

After this we will run the following command:
 attrib c: \ boot \ bcd -h -r -s 
In some cases we must replace the C drive with C.









Step 23

Now we execute the following:
 ren c: \ boot bcd.old 



Step 24

Once this is done we will enter the following:
 bootrec / rebuildbcd 
Step 25

This is a command that restructures the Windows 10 boot BCD scheme:







Step 26

Upon completion we will see the following:





Step 27

We exit the console with "exit" and we will return to the advanced start:





Step 28

We click Continue to continue with the Windows 10 start:




With these steps from advanced startup we will solve the SRTTRAIL.TXT error in Windows 10.


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