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How to view and post Fleets on Twitter (Android and iPhone)

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Twitter has just taken another step as a social network by incorporating ephemeral “stories” to its platform. The name of this new function is Fleet and it basically allows you to publish content that will be available on your profile for 24 hours, after which it will be removed. This new function is available for users of the Twitter app for Android or iPhone.


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Twitter has just launched the Fleet function globally, however the availability of this function will be available progressively. Twitter Fleet allows you to express your thoughts for 24 hours, and you can do so in the form of text, photos or videos, react to Tweets and customize your Fleets with various background and text options..

In this way, Twitter users can both publish Fleets directly and publish content that has already been published as Tweets on Fleets to highlight them and even add more content to it, such as emoticons, etc.

According to Twitter through its blog, the reason for the launch of Fleets is because after analyzing the behavior of users they have realized that some are suspicious of sharing certain content because the Tweets remain "perpetually ”In the users Timelime. This makes it difficult to publish certain Tweets of a more personal nature due to fear or suspicion that anyone may find it after a certain period of time..

Now thanks to Fleets, users will gain confidence and you can use this function for the publication of more personal content or content that they do not want to remain available on their profiles beyond the 24 hours of Fleets.

Both your Fleets and the Fleets of the users you follow will appear at the top of the publication wall (Timeline), so to view the Fleets of any user you will only have to click on the circular icon shown in this section. ..

How to publish a Fleet from the Twitter app for iPhone or Android. (New Twitter stories)

1. Open the Twitter app

2. Situate yourself on the starting wall and in the Fleet section click on the icon: Create Fleet

3. Now the Fleets editor will open in which you can compose your Fleet using text, photos, GIF or even a video.

4. Finally, to publish your Fleet, you just have to click on the button: Fleet

5. From this moment on, your Fleet will be available from your profile.

Important note: In the Fleet editor you have many customization options that allow you for example: Align the text, format the text, highlight text, provide color to the text, use colored backgrounds for your Fleet, Add emoticons, change the size of the image to publish and much more.


How to publish a Tweet already published on Twitter in Fleet.

1. Open the app and find the Tweet you want to share on Fleet.

2. Click on the share icon of said Tweet.

3. When the share menu is displayed, select the option: Share on a Fleet

4. This will open the Fleet editor where you can change the size of the Tweet, rotate it, and even add emoticons or text.

5. Finally, when your Fleet is to your liking, you just have to click on the Fleet button to publish it.


How to Tweet a Fleet.

1. Open the Twitter app and select your Fleet.

2. When it is showing on the screen, click on the down arrow icon.

3. Among the options select: Tweet this.

4. This will open the Tweets editor in which you can add Text with Twitter character limits.

5. Finally, click on tweet so that the Tweet is automatically published on your profile.

6. This is undoubtedly the best way to permanently maintain our fleets in the event that they are not eliminated after 24 hours.


Things to keep in mind on Twitter Fleets:

- Your Fleets will only be available for 24 hours, after which they will be deleted without the possibility of recovering them.

- Users who publish Fleets will know who has viewed their content (Fleet)

- Fleets do not receive retweets.

- Fleets don't get likes.

- Tweets are not accessible for public replies.

- The user can send messages through Fleets, although it will depend on your privacy settings.

- All Twitter followers who have access to your Tweets will also be able to see your Fleets.

- Your privacy settings, which affect who can read your Tweets, will affect Fleets equally.

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