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How to turn off the Xbox controller Series X / S

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Battery percentages don't grow on trees, and turning off anything you don't plan on using can do wonders for your electric bill..

With that in mind, turning on your console might not always be an option if your downloads are queued or you're in a group of friends with voice enabled. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't turn off your controller after you stop using the console. Turning off the Xbox Series X / S controller is relatively easy and can help you save more battery for another gaming session.

Here's how to turn off your Xbox Series X / S controller..

Method one: Force turn off your Xbox Series X / S controller

Don't break your console just by reading the title, because the “force” part just refers to keeping pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

Holding down the Xbox button for more than 5 seconds will dim the light below, indicating that the controller has been turned off. This method is especially useful when using the controller on a PC or mobile device, as there is no user interface to turn it off..

In order to turn your controller back on, you will need to press the Xbox button, but this will also launch your console. Pressing the Start button instead of the Xbox logo will only turn on the controller and not the Xbox Series X / S.

Second method: turn off the Xbox Series X / S controller with the user interface

Although the first method is faster, this one is more "human". It only works when you're using your controller on the Xbox Series X / S, so you'll have to use the first method if you're on another device.

  • Tap and hold the Xbox logo on the controller.
  • After about two seconds, a menu will appear with three options.
  • It will be possible to turn off your console or controller, as well as restart the Xbox via this menu.
  • Click the option that will turn off your controller while leaving the console on.
  • As the console will still be open when you turn off the controller with this method, it will be possible to turn it back on by simply pressing the Xbox or Start button.

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