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How to unlock secret emojis on Gboard keyboard

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Pair two existing emojis to create a new one
How to Create a Custom Emoticon with the Kitchen Emojis Feature


The emoji turns out to be a great way to energize your messages or make your texts more expressive. There are several thousand emojis and new ones are added every year. But what you certainly don't know yet is that the Gboard keyboard has several hundred hidden colorful icons. Let's see how to unlock these emojis..

Pair two existing emojis to create a new one

As essential as punctuation marks, emojis have totally transformed the way we communicate. These small colored symbols are used in messages to express all kinds of emotions (sadness, joy, surprise, anger, disgust etc.).

Whether you want to express your love for your other half or get your kids to do their homework, you're bound to find an emoji to suit your mood or state of mind. Here is the procedure for using emojis on Android. But be careful, there is no question of using them indiscriminately..

Indeed, these multicolored icons can replace words or even sometimes replace entire sentences. And if you think that the thousands of emojis currently available on Android are not enough to express the depths of the human soul, you will be happy to check out the Kitchen Emojis feature.

Under this title (a little strange) hides the new function implemented by Google on its Gboard keyboard application. The objective of this is to allow users to create an icon that comes as close as possible to the feeling they felt when entering the message..

image For this, the Gboard app will take two existing emojis and mix them to obtain an icon that best suits your state of mind. For example, you can combine a smiley face with the head of a little pig. The resulting mix is ​​then automatically transformed into an image so that it can be read regardless of the device or platform used.

How to Create a Custom Emoticon with the Kitchen Emojis Feature

Among all the features tested in recent weeks, the Emojis Kitchen is at the top of the new products of the year. Why will you tell me? Quite simply because a picture is worth a thousand words.

When you're an avid user (like me) of these colorful icons, you never get enough of them. So imagine the joy of being able to create a totally new emoji. And best of all, it works on all messaging platforms: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.

  • Make sure Gboard is your default typing app
  • If needed, you can download the Google keyboard from the Play Store
  • Start your favorite messaging service (in this example we will be using WhatsApp but it works with other platforms)
  • Open the discussion of your choice
  • Click on the text entry area to open the virtual keyboard
  • Click on the emoji icon which is in the lower left corner
  • Be careful not to confuse with the emoticon function integrated into WhatsApp is to the left of the input area
  • Click on an emoji
  • Gboard will offer you different variations of this icon
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, select a second emoji image

The Gboard keyboard will then take care of mixing its two icons to create a brand new one. For example, you can mix a crying face with a sun. Very useful when you catch a bad sunburn.

Obviously not all combinations are possible. However, the designers at Google have done a tremendous job. And importantly, this feature is not just limited to faces, it also supports animals.

Particularly fun is the ability to combine two emojis. But beware, some icons may surprise you. I am thinking in particular of this avocado (the fruit) with spider pasta or the hot dog bathed in coffee.

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