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Find your phone using the Google Assistant

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Ok Google, find my phone
Find your iPhone using the Google Assistant


Gone are the days when voice assistants were content to give the weather forecast for the day or the sports results of the day before. The Google Assistant is now able to find your smartphone for you. And best of all, it works just as well with an Android phone as it does with an iPhone..

Ok Google, find my phone

Do you have the annoying habit of losing your phone? Rest assured, you are far from alone. Whoever has never lost their smartphone throw me first. The mobile phone is one of those objects that disappear on their own and that we look for everywhere.

If you own a connected speaker (Google Home or Nest) know that the Montain View firm has developed a feature to help you get your hands on your precious device..

To use it, just say aloud to your speaker: Ok Google, find my phone. Your smartphone will then automatically start ringing, even if silent or do not disturb mode is activated. It will only take you a few seconds to find it.

But be careful, the use of this device requires fulfilling a few conditions to operate. Below are the rules to follow..

  • Your smartphone must be on and connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or mobile network)
  • The locate my device option must be enabled

If you have not set up a Google account on your phone, you will have to ask your connected speaker to find your smartphone, it will not obey you. It is imperative that your phone and your speaker are connected to the same Google account.

You also need to make sure that Google's Find My Device is turned on. Note that this is automatically activated when configuring your Google account. If you haven't voluntarily disabled it, that shouldn't be a problem.

Now all you have to do is say the magic phrase, ok Google, find my phone. The Google Assistant will then take care of making your smartphone ring at full volume throughout the house.

Find your iPhone using the Google Assistant

The smart speaker isn't just limited to Android devices. If you misplace your iPhone around the house, Google Home can also help you locate it. However, this operation will require a little configuration.

  • Open the App Store
  • Install the Google Home app on your iPhone
  • During the first launch, the app will ask you to sign in to your Google account
  • Enter the credentials of the account you use on your speaker
  • Then press the settings button
  • Select the option notifications then general notifications
  • Activate critical alerts

Now if you say the phrase Ok Google, find my iPhone, the connected speaker will ring your Apple smartphone even if it is muted. Note that Apple's Find My iPhone feature can also locate your device via Siri.

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