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How to automatically save your chats in Signal

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Enable automatic backups
Restaurer votre sauvegarde Signal sur un nouveau smartphone


The ultra-secure Signal messaging app keeps on growing. This success is not seen very favorably by its competitors. However, the firm does not intend to fall asleep on its laurels and continues to develop new tools. Users can now automatically create a backup that is encrypted and stored locally in their smartphone's memory..

Enable automatic backups

The operation of Signal is based on an ultra-secure protocol. From Edward Snowden to the Mozilla Foundation (Mozilla Foundation in French) via the European Commission, we can no longer count the number of people or entities who recommend it.

The Signal instant messaging app enjoys an excellent reputation among privacy advocates. And for good reason. End-to-end encrypted messages can only be read by the sender and receiver..

The open source encryption protocol used by signal prevents a third party from reading the messages. The firm has so much confidence in its product that all of its source code is accessible online. Any developer can thus examine the way the application has been designed.

Those who have not yet taken the plunge are encouraged to check out the Signal app getting started guide. For the others, we will now see how to activate the encrypted automatic backup system. And unlike competing messengers (WhatsApp not to mention), the data is not stored in the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud)..

  • Open the Signal app on your Android phone
  • Press the three-dot button placed in the upper right corner
  • Select the settings option
  • Scroll down and tap conversations
  • Find the backups section
  • Select the option to save conversations
  • Click on the activate button
  • Create or choose a folder on your smartphone in which you will place your encrypted backup
  • Une fois le dossier sélectionné, cliquez sur le bouton utiliser ce dossier
  • Autorisez ensuite l’application Signal à accéder aux fichiers de votre smartphone
  • Notez précieusement la phrase secrète affichée sur l’écran
  • Cette dernière vous sera demandé lors de la restauration de la sauvegarde
  • Appuyez sur le bouton activer les sauvegardes

Désormais, l’application Signal se chargera de sauvegarder automatiquement toutes vos discussions. Vous n’aurez plus jamais à vous soucier des backups de vos messageries. Il faudra juste veiller à ne jamais perdre le code de restauration.

Restaurer votre sauvegarde Signal sur un nouveau smartphone

Have you just changed your smartphone? Would you like to find all your messages? We now offer you a guide to transfer all your chats to your new device in minutes without any hassle.

  • Transfer your Signal backup to your new phone
  • Note that it is possible to send files between two mobiles via direct Wi-Fi
  • Download and install the Signal app on your new Android phone
  • During the first launch you will see a welcome message
  • Click the Restore Backup button at the very bottom of the window
  • Then click on choose a backup
  • Select the backup file you want to restore
  • Enter the password created when setting up Signal's automatic backup
  • Click restore

The chat saving system was one of the features that was sorely lacking in the Signal app. The new update now offers the ability to transfer chats from one smartphone to another.

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