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Use this APP to control the use of mobile data, with limits and alerts

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The Android application My Data Manager allows the user to measure and control the expenditure of megabytes or data through the statistical information it offers, the alarms and its daily planner..

My data manager is available on Google Play completely free of charge and offers a series of tools to take full control of the spending of what are commonly called "mega", something vital when the user has a limited plan.

His forte is the planner. Once the plan's megabyte or gigabyte limit is configured, the app tells the user how much they should spend daily to avoid running out of navigation in the middle of the month or to avoid a surcharge on the bill, if it is a postpaid plan. To avoid overspending, you can also configure alarms that warn when a pre-established limit has been reached..


The statistical information it offers is also very valuable. You can see the daily, weekly and monthly byte spend. In addition, it also indicates how much each application consumes, something that helps to better choose which applications to use and which ones to avoid when you are limited in megabytes. Spending according to the user's location is another of its interesting features.

In addition to the cost of mobile data contracted with the operator, the app also offers detailed statistics on data consumption over Wi-Fi, which can be extrapolated to the mobile environment to compare the consumption of bytes in both cases..

A persistent notification and icon appears in the Android status bar once you start using the app. This notification indicates the spending of MB or GB wifi / mobiles and the remaining days before the next period / month. This notification and icon can be easily removed by going to the application settings.

An alternative to My data Manager is WePlan , a multifunction app that keeps track of MB / GB, calls and SMS.

Download from Google Play

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