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How to sync your WhatsApp chats and photos with Dropbox

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How to save WhatsApp photos and files to Dropbox

In this case, syncing means creating an exact duplicate of WhatsApp photos and folders on Dropbox's online storage service (a backup of WhatsApp on Dropbox). Once configured, this duplication will be made automatically, that is, each new photo or multimedia file received on WhatsApp will be uploaded to the Dropbox cloud service, without user intervention..

The official Dropbox application for Android should allow you to synchronize or save any folder on your device in its online service, but at the moment this is not possible (except for the camera's photos folder). In order to make a duplicate of WhatsApp photos and other received files, it is necessary to install an alternative application on Android, called Dropsync  (It is not necessary to have the official Dropbox application installed).

How to save WhatsApp photos and files to Dropbox


How to synchronize or transfer WhatsApp files to Dropbox, automatically with the Dropsync application for Android..

Step 1 : Open the Dropbox account on your PC or Android device and create a folder called WhatsApp inside.

Step 2 : Install Dropsync on the Android cell phone ( Dropsync on Google Play ) and connect the app with the Dropbox account..

Step 3 : Choose the phone directory or folder to be saved in Dropbox. In this case it would be the WhatsApp folder, which is normally in the internal memory. This is the folder that contains all the received files and WhatsApp data: photos, images, videos, voice files, wallpapers, profile photos and even messages or conversations.

Step 4 : Choose the Dropbox folder where you will save those photos and files. In this case, you have to choose the folder created at the beginning (which was named "WhatsApp").

Step 5 : Finally choose the synchronization method: here it is recommended to choose the Only upload option , since this option uploads each new file or photo received in WhatsApp to Dropbox and these will remain in Dropbox always, even if they were deleted from the device (something that would normally happen with a full or two-way sync).

The saving of WhatsApp data and files in the Dropbox cloud will be done automatically, without any intervention by the user (that's what synchronization is all about). In case you want to synchronize or duplicate another folder on the device, you have to go to the Dropsync settings and configure the above again, through the Synchronized Directories option . The free version of Dropsync only allows one directory to be synchronized at a time, a limitation that can be removed by purchasing Dropsync Pro.

It is recommended that the automatic download of multimedia files is activated in the WhatsApp application ( Settings > Chat settings > Automatic download of multimedia ).

With this, the user does not have to look for a solution to save their WhatsApp photos on the PC, because only by installing the Dropbox client on the computer they will always have their photos and files received there in the messaging application, automatically .

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