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This is how WhatsApp, Messenger and other chat apps silently drain your battery and mobile data

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Mobile data
How to save battery and mobile data on Android

One of the first things to do when trying to reduce cell phone battery consumption is to check which applications use the most battery , using the Android system monitor itself or using excellent  third-party apps such as GSam or Wakelock Detector. . Whichever method you choose, you will surely see that the applications that drain the battery the most on your mobile are chat and instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp , Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc..


The battery consumption generated by these apps, although currently low, certainly occurs even when we are not using these apps. This is logical considering that WhatsApp and other similar apps are always waiting for new messages. A study carried out a few years ago by Alcatel Luncent and shared as a summary by Re / Code, explained how these messaging applications make this "silent" battery drain:

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In an attempt to offer users immediate satisfaction, some applications constantly communicate with mobile phone networks, instructing them to alert the phone when an incoming message arrives. This repeatedly wakes the device from its dormant state, acting as a silent battery killer. To counteract this problem, some applications keep an open radio channel on the device so that they can continue to send and receive messages for a period of time. This also drains the battery ...

Among the social applications, BlackBerry Messenger is the most talkative, sending a radio signal 343 times for every megabyte of data, compared to Windows Live Messenger, which makes five times fewer connections to the network..

Mobile data


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And although, as I said, this battery consumption is currently low, you have to take into account the cost of mobile data, particularly if you have a limited data plan / "mega", or use the credit / balance for WhatsApp and other apps Messenger service. As you can see above, sometimes the "silent" or background data consumption can be even higher than in the foreground (while using the application).

How to save battery and mobile data on Android

  • Turn off sync . In this way you will prevent WhatsApp and all the apps on your cell phone from connecting to the Internet while you are not using them. You must manually open the apps to activate their synchronization "manually" and see new messages. This will save battery and mobile data at the same time.
  • Disable mobile data or restrict the internet individually to WhatsApp and the apps you want . That way they will only use the WiFi or not connect to the Internet at all.
  • Suspend WhatsApp or whatever app you want . This is similar to disabling synchronization, but in this case it will only affect the apps that you suspend, keeping the rest functional.

Which apps consume the most battery, data and storage on Android?

Use this APP to see which APPS are downloading things and how much data they use

How much mobile data a WhatsApp call consumes per minute

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