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How to make a wave in Tik Tok video

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Why the wave from TikTok is liked by users
How to make a wave from TikTok
TikTok Wave Video Ideas
How to learn to make a wave from TikTok
The subtleties of the wave in TikTok

Tik Tok users have come up with many options for shooting video clips with original movements or steep transitions. A wave is just such a movement, and it is performed with the whole body, hips or booty..

Waveform shooting is also developed in the application. It turns on easing to highlight an object, animal, or people. So they look epic and intriguing.

Both trends are called the Tik Tok wave, so it is important to consider each of them in order to distinguish between them later..


Why the wave from TikTok is liked by users

Whichever version of the wave effect Tiktoker chooses, it will help him attract the audience to the clip faster. Intriguing videos with additional processing often end up in Tik Tok recommendations, and the user's views begin to increase. As a result, the popularity on the platform grows, and TikToker begins to monetize its content on Tik Tok.

The ripple filter helps you capture hilarious content. Although the effect was part of the trends of the past months, it is often used at the moment..

How to make a wave from TikTok

It is not difficult to shoot in this style; it is difficult to think over the plot for the clip. If you want to upload such a video, think over the idea, and then start learning the shooting technique.

To shoot a video with a wave effect, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the application and log in to your account.
  2. Tap the plus on the bottom panel to go to the video download section.
  3. For such clips, it is better to choose a high-quality audio recording with explosive moments. Click on the "Add Music" button at the top of the screen and select an option.
  4. Next, determine the desired speed and start shooting the video.
  5. When you want to start a wave, stop filming and change the speed. Speed ​​up or slow down the action - at your discretion.
  6. Start recording again and shoot to the end.
  7. Finish editing and submit the clip for publication.

If you want to use waveform shooting on a finished video, you will not be able to do it. TikTok does not provide for adjusting the effect on a previously shot video. This can only be done through a third party processing app.

TikTok Wave Video Ideas

The effect looks great on clips that show action. The ideas below relate to this format:

  1. Animals. Imagine how fast a fighting dog runs, and slows down sharply in a jump. It looks impressive, it gives goosebumps. These videos will help attract aesthetes who love animals.
  2. Explosions. You can shoot a video where a ball is filled with water and then burst or dropped and it explodes. In slow motion, at the moment the ball bursts, the spectacle is amazing.
    Videos with explosions due to chemical reactions are also intriguing. A typical example is cola with menthos.
  3. Diving. First, they shoot a person running to the shore or a springboard, and at the time of immersion in the water, they slow down the recording.
  4. Sport. Playing volleyball or basketball looks even brighter if you use waveform shooting when the ball hits the net or on the opponent's field.


Use these ideas to make extraordinary videos that will take you to the TOP of TikTok. In addition, you can use the flash or reverse effect.

How to learn to make a wave from TikTok

A clip with a wave in Tik Tok implies not only an effect or type of shooting, but also movement. It is done with the whole body or thighs. The result will be a video on which the author can show his plasticity and predisposition to dancing.

Not every tiktoker can master the technique of movement from scratch. Here are some tips to learn how to do it:

  1. Start recording video with the front camera so you can track down errors. The first attempts at recording will help you understand the principle of the technique.
  2. Stand parallel to the camera, then bend like a cat. Imagine that you need to crawl under an object.
  3. Next, immediately bend your knee and take it forward, and then smoothly back.
  4. Practice a few times and finish filming.
  5. Review the result to assess the effort. If all is well, start recording your video for publication.


Here's how to make a TikTok wave with a booty. To use the whole body, you need to change the way it works a little.

  1. Start recording and start practicing.
  2. Stand with a profile to the camera. Then lift your head so that your chin is also facing up.
  3. Bring your chest forward sharply and lower your chin.
  4. Return to starting position. Then you need to slouch and take the buttocks back.
  5. Get into the starting pose.


Try to work out the movements to the point of automaticity so as not to spoil the final video. Redoing an already finished video is doubly difficult. It is better to make a wave from TikTok with a body 5-6 times in order to remember the algorithm.

Next, the technique of the classic wave-like movement with the help of the hips is considered.

  • Click on the video clip and start doing the wave with your lower body. The principle of movement is to move the pelvis not to the sides, but back and forth.
  • Then, alternately lift each leg that was bent at the knee. It is better to take them slightly to the side.
  • Once you've worked these techniques, put them together. Bend your arms at the elbows and place them at chest level. Here's how to do a mini dance like this on TikTok with your hips.


The subtleties of the wave in TikTok

The difference between the meanings of the concept "wave" is highlighted in the article. In the first case, you do not need to memorize difficult moments in the recording, since the procedure is simple and you just need to turn on the desired effect when shooting a clip for Tik Tok.

In the second situation, it is important to understand that practice is paramount. Train on the movements so that on the rollers they do not look amateurish, but smooth and aesthetic.


To understand when you can publish a video on TikTok with an interesting effect, you can use the signs:

  • you look confident on the video;
  • the movements are worked out to automatism, so the dance is harmonious and smooth;
  • you would like this video and praise the author;
  • your friends and relatives appreciated the atmosphere and content of the video clip;
  • the video has its own aesthetics, which resembles the style of videos of popular bloggers.

Consider the tips to publish your clip and not regret it after a couple of days. If the video footage for Tik Tok meets the standards and even impresses you, feel free to show yourself to other users.

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