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How to remove suggestions from instagram messages?

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The 'Recommended' feature, which enables users to find other users and contact them, has a great share in the success of 'Instagram', which increases its user base day by day. However, this situation sometimes turns out to be such that when someone we do not meet in normal life, we have never seen before, comes before us as a suggestion and this suggestion is constantly repeated, preventing us from reaching our real friends. So, how to delete Instagram suggestions?

Instagram has included many brand new features after the updates it received over time and its sale to Facebook, another social media giant. The issue of deleting suggestions and searches on Instagram, which is among these features and is a life saver for many Instagram users, is still very curious by many users who do not know exactly how to do it. For this reason, all Instagram users who research on the internet can be told in detail how they can benefit from this feature, by saying what is suggested on Instagram and how to delete searches.


1- First, go to the Suggested contacts section and then tap and hold on the contact you want to delete.

2- After that, you will see the hide section. From here you can hide and remove the contact as you wish.

3- By doing this, you can delete the people suggested to you on Instagram and eliminate the problems. Of course, some of these names are the records created after the call.

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