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How to listen to local files on Spotify for Android

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If you already use Spotify to listen to streaming music, you might think it's a good idea to use the same app to listen to the music that you also have saved on your cell phone in the form of mp3, wav, etc. files. The Spotify application offers the option to Show local files, so you can activate this option and you will be able to play your songs saved on your cell phone from Spotify itself or also add these songs to your Playlists..

In the Spotify application for Android, proceed as follows:

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  1. Tap the round icon of your profile (top left the initial of your name). The side menu will open.
  2. Select Settings & privacy.
  3. Local files
  4. Turn on Show audio files from this device

If you return to your Library you will see a new “playlist” called Local Files, where you will find all the music that is saved on your Android device. If there are many audio files, it may take a couple of minutes to display all of those files.

Keep in mind that Spotify scans all the audio files on your phone and shows them to you in those local files. This is a problem if you have call recordings, ringtones, etc. There is no way to choose only certain files or folders on your device unfortunately. You could try the nomedia file trick to prevent directories you don't want from being scanned, although I haven't tried this. What I have done is install Spotify in the secure folder or also in the work profile , so that the app can scan only the audio files existing in those environments..

People who have Spotify Premium have the advantage that they can synchronize music from their computer with their cell phone. It means that if they have added songs saved on their PC to their playlists, these songs will be uploaded to the Spotify cloud so that the user can access them from other devices. These songs will appear disabled in playlists when the user loses Premium access. If you downloaded these songs to your mobile during your Premium period, you can find them in the Internal storage/Music/Spotify/Synced files path .

Official information : Spotify

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