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How to turn on WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone

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Finally, the dark mode has reached WhatsApp . After months of waiting, the Facebook-owned service has added this feature. To be able to use it, a series of previous steps is quite simple. Let's see what they are to know how to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on the iPhone .

Turn on the dark mode of WhatsApp for iPhone

The arrival of the dark mode of WhatsApp has been very anticipated by the users. Its arrival could have occurred from the moment that iOS 13 was released to the public last September . However, it took Facebook six months to place it in its iPhone app.


Being a function that depends on the operating system, you will not find a setting that activates it. When you go to settings you will not find any buttons . To have WhatsApp dark mode on your iPhone you need to do the following:

  • Have an iPhone compatible with iOS 13.
  • Update the terminal to this version if you have not already done so. To do this, go to Settings> General> Software update and follow the steps.

Light or Dark Mode setting

Once you have this secured, you can activate the dark mode. To do this, on your iPhone go to Settings> Display and brightness. At the top you will see a section that says "Aspect" where two iPhone screens are shown : one in light mode and one in dark mode. Choose the dark mode to activate it and you will see how the menus and apps are transformed.

Activate automatic switching and access in the Control Center

dark mode whatsapp iPhone

Dark mode in all compatible apps, now including WhatsApp on the iPhone, is transformed as soon as you activate this menu. You can always leave it on and modify it manually if you prefer. Of course, if you like to vary frequently the appearance of your iPhone, you can take advantage of a couple of tricks.

The first is quite obvious, since it is just below the setting in which you choose between light and dark mode. It is a button that simply says "Automatic" that when activated will turn on the dark and light mode depending on the time of day.

It is a way to make sure that the clear configuration does not bother you at night, while deactivating it when you no longer need it. The next step would be to configure it based on a specific schedule , but this iOS does not yet allow it. We will have to wait to see if Apple adds it in the next WWDC.

WhatsApp Control Center Setting Dark Mode

The other trick is to activate the mode switch button in the Control Center. To do this, we must go to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls. Here we must add the "Dark mode" button and exit the menu. From now on, when we slide the Control Center we can alternate the dark mode of the iPhone.

With the addition of WhatsApp, one of the most important apps adds the dark mode. Of course, it has taken six months to do so.

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