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Recover lost data in Windows XP

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Windows XP has the option to recover deleted files;
  • You must go to the start> run menu and there type the words msconfig and click on accept. You will see a window as shown in the following image:


  • Then click on the button: Expand file:



  • In the file box to restore
  • In the box that says "restore from" you have to select the source location that contains the installation files.
  • In save file in; determine the destination place where the recovered file will be saved.

All fields must be complete before proceeding with the expansion, otherwise the following message will be output:


The procedure must be repeated for each of the files to be recovered.

A free alternative and in Spanish to recover deleted information is Recuva , which are the same creators of the popular CCleaner program.
With this application you can easily detect and recover deleted files.
It also recovers deleted items from different mobile devices.
To download the application click http://recuva.softonic.com/download-tracker?th=8yS3%2BKGEYLiw7GKMHzA%2FtrmsvRChbxdrflJq3ZIylWvGBwIpOyJQHULsGkn%2F5HGzfdnWqxccihnG5l29VD27XNhp07D5Ack6W2VUkEUX83BdiBsP7g%2FaWr4tIbm7l%2BzjZCOMPgz6taOmzlQqc5%2FOeYemy0ipr9vLk%2BH65Zz7jvQ%3D.
In the following http://articulos.softonic.com/recuperar-archivos-borrados you can see a simple instruction on its use

Another option is to use some payment software.
It is a program designed for Windows XP that can be very useful for recovering lost data in Windows XP.
The application is called Zero Assumption Recovery, to download it click here .


In case you get used to making backup of the hard disks of the computer there may be some errors in doing so. This application will contemplate all kinds of problems that may arise and be able to effectively recover the information.

When it is noticed that data has been erased from the disk, the first thing to do is:
  • Stop using the computer, do not record or install anything at the moment.
  • Install and run Zero Assumption Recovery


  • Select the hard disk to be analyzed if there is more than one. This process may take one or two hours.
  • At the end of the scan you can see a list of files and folders that can be recovered. (the trial version limits the number of items to recover)

Also with this application you can recover photos that have been deleted in the cell phone.

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