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How to succeed in Google Adwords

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The advertising campaigns in Google Adwords must be taken into account by the companies.
Here are some guidelines to consider when carrying out a Google Adwords campaign:

Analyze the product you want to promote
It is important to know the characteristics of what is going to be offered as well as its quality in order to develop specific strategies. Take into account the objectivity of the product and service to be presented to potential customers.

Perform a keyword analysis
Determine which will be the most representative keywords. Google Adwords is a tool that will help a lot to develop this activity.

Define what the budget will be
The budget must be according to the needs of each advertiser.

Determine the duration
We must put a start and an end to the campaign, so that it can be measurable in terms of results.

Carry out a market analysis where you are going to act
In this way you can find the right niche for the product or service where the campaign is going to work.
If possible, determine what the conversion rate of the campaign will be.
"It's no use trying to sell ice at the South Pole."

Analyze direct and indirect competitors
The intention is to know who the competitors are and the amount of it. By performing a search on Google you

You can know how many companies are offering a product or service with characteristics similar to those of the advertiser company.

If you put quotation marks in the search box that close the words or phrases of the product you can have a more limited result. For example; "Diet to lose weight".

Optimize the landing page or Landing page
This is the place where you will go to the visitor once you click on the ad.

Google Adwords is quite demanding with respect to that subject. It will ask that certain minimum requirements be met:
  • Clarity in what is being offered
  • Relationship between the announcement and the Landing page.
  • The navigation system of the page should be simple
  • Make clear what is sold and who does it.
  • Provide access to different means of payment
  • Among other considerations.
Optimize ads
It involves placing keywords that are related to the content of the site.
Always send potential customers to the landing page and never to the official website of the company because the person can be overwhelmed with too much information and not find the one provided in the advertisement.

Track the campaign
To see how its evolution is and if it is necessary to apply some adjustments. It is recommended to use the Google Analytics tool.

In each implemented campaign, prior analysis and decision making should be considered in the stage that is being planned.
In the analysis it is important to define which are the objectives that are pursued: branding (making and building a brand), sales, leads (overtaking, taking the lead against the competition) and the promotion of products.
When planning it must be done carefully to avoid making mistakes. The ads can be placed in content network, display network, on YouTube, among other places. Google Adwords offers the possibility of choice.

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