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Use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously

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WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging apps in the world. Modern, fast and intuitive, it offers everything you would expect from a communication application. The only disappointment concerns the impossibility of being able to access his mailbox from several devices at the same time. But as we will see right away, there are several workarounds..

Is it possible to connect to your WhatsApp account from multiple devices?

With more than a billion users, WhatsApp has become a must-have app for communicating with friends, family and co-workers. And unlike many of its competitors, it can be downloaded and used on a wide variety of devices (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows or Nokia).

Did you ever think of using your WhatsApp account on multiple devices? Unfortunately it is not possible. Officially, WhatsApp allows you to use a single account on a single device..

It is for example impossible to consult his WhatsApp messaging on two different smartphones. The application regularly checks whether the phone number linked to your WhatsApp account matches that of the SIM card installed in your device.

If it finds no match, it automatically cuts off access to your account. Likewise, WhatsApp blocks users who try to change their account phone number too often..

However, things are likely to change very quickly. Indeed, according to several concordant sources, Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp is planning to modify the rules for using instant messaging.

The company is currently working on a cross-platform WhatsApp solution. Ultimately, this would allow users to activate and use their email account on multiple devices (PC, Mac, Android tablet, iPad) at the same time. Note that this device will work even if your smartphone is not connected to the internet.

The multi-platform function has been under test for a while. The American company has not yet communicated a release date. However, it could see the light of day before the end of the year.

Workarounds for using WhatsApp on multiple devices

Pending the release of a possible cross-platform version of WhatsApp, there is a solution to deport the messaging service to a PC or Mac. This device called WhatsApp Web is subject to a certain number of constraints.

It is, for example, impossible to invite friends or even share their location. More annoying, you will not be able to consult your messages without having your smartphone connected to the internet at your fingertips. Indeed, the phone is used by the WhatsApp web interface to synchronize messages on your computer.

You will find in this article all the information necessary to configure WhatsApp Web on your computer. Note that this technique also works on the web browser of smartphones. You will be able to use it to connect to the same WhatsApp account from two different phones.

In addition to its website, WhatsApp offers software for Windows and MacOS. Unlike the web version, WhatsApp Desktop offers sending voice messages and has a notification system. The software also supports keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks faster. Here is the link to download WhatsApp Desktop for Windows and MacOS.

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