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Book your train ticket from the Ouigo app

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Operation of the Ouigo application
Book a train ticket on your phone
Use Ouigo on your smartphone


While the opening up to competition of passenger transport is looming, Ouigo, The low-cost service of the SNCF now has its own Android application. Thanks to it, you can consult train timetables, plan a trip and even order a ticket from your smartphone. This should simplify the lives of travelers and include those who are used to using conventional TGVs..

Operation of the Ouigo application

Only four years after its entry into service, the low-cost SNCF offer already transports more than 5% of TGV passengers. And the phenomenon is far from running out of steam, since the TGV Ouigo should represent 25% of high-speed train traffic by 2020.

Faced with such success, the blue and pink trains of the French railway company had to have their own application. It is now done. Unfortunately the launch of the Ouigo application was marred by a few bugs..

Some users have complained that they cannot download tickets purchased on their smartphones. Several Internet users have also expressed their misadventure with the e-ticket service of the application on the forums. The system failed to generate electronic tickets , forcing travelers to print their ticket .

You could also read on social networks annoyed testimonies of customers who could not find their reservation. Fortunately, these incidents have since been resolved..

The app has had a facelift. The ergonomics have been completely revised to adapt to the uses of travelers. Its use is much more pleasant and the problems faced by the first travelers are now a thing of the past.

Book a train ticket on your phone

The arrival of TGV Ouigo has profoundly changed the landscape of French rail. We now find train tickets from 10 euros to or from Paris, Marseille, Aix-en Provence, Montpellier, Lyon, etc. It is difficult to find cheaper.

To offer such advantageous fares, SNCF was forced to review the composition of its trains. TGV Ouigo does not have a bar car or first class. In addition, tickets are sold exclusively from the internet.

If you are used to making reservations from your smartphone, forget the mobile site and opt for the Ouigo app. Getting started with the tool is quick. The menus and interface are optimized for Android smartphones.

Use Ouigo on your smartphone

Once the Ouigo application is installed on your smartphone, you can consult the TGV Ouigo timetables, make a reservation, download your electronic tickets and even modify a trip. The application also has a smart calendar to quickly identify low prices for a specific destination.

  • Launch the Google app store (Play Store)
  • Place your finger on the search bar
  • Enter Ouigo in the form
  • Click on the Install button
  • Open the Ouigo app
  • Click on the departure station field and enter the name of the city image
  • Then select your destination from the list
  • Choose the number of travelers and their age image

The application will display a list of results. Prices vary depending on supply and demand. They start at 10 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child. image Count at least 16 euros for a one-way from a Paris train station (city center). Payment can be made directly in the application thanks to the secure mode.

Once your ticket in your pocket, you will need to arrive 30 minutes before the train departs in order to check in. Please note that the size of the luggage is systematically checked. image Remember to declare the size of your suitcases. People with bulky luggage will have to pay an additional 20 euros.

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