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Open Network Connections Windows 10 | Menu and CMD

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The internet connection on our computers has become an important point for its use, since through it we have the possibility of accessing the network and connecting to different services such as social networks or email. That is why it is important to have some knowledge related to the administration of these connections..



Network connections in Windows 10 are the central point from which the active network adapters in the computer are managed and where we can work on them. In addition to this from this section of network connections it is possible:

  • Add new network connections
  • Diagnose a network connection
  • Edit your name
  • Create shortcuts to a network adapter
  • Create and edit bridge connections
  • Manage remote points
  • We can connect or disconnect a network unit


There are various mechanisms to access network connections in Windows 10 and TechnoWikis will explain each one so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.


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Open Network Connections Windows 10


Open network connections from Run
Execute allows us to access a series of directory or application options and network connections are one of them, for this we open Execute with one of the following methods:
  • Using the Start Search Box
  • Right-clicking on the Start menu (or using Windows + X keys)
  • With Cortana
  • With the Windows + R key combination


In the pop-up window we enter the following:




Press Enter or click OK to access Windows 10 network connections.


Open network connections from command prompt
The command prompt console is another of the traditional methods to access network connections, just access the console and run the following:



Open network connections from the taskbar
In the Windows 10 taskbar we find a series of icons with access to services or applications, to use this method we must right-click on the network adapter and select "Open Network and Internet Settings":




This will redirect us to Configuration where we will see the following:




We click on "Change adapter options" to access the network connections..



Open network connections from Control Panel
Finally, another of the traditional methods to access these connections is from the Control Panel, we access the Panel and we will see the following:




We click on the line "View network status and tasks" and this will open the following:





There we click on the line "Change adapter settings" and so we will go to network connections.
With these practical methods we will have access to this section of Windows 10 key for the network connection.


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