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Install Metasploit on Ubuntu 20.04

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How to install Metasploit on Ubuntu 20.04

The security of a system and its applications has become a critical issue for many organizations due to the type of information they handle, bank details, production data, employee information, etc., they can be compromised if they fall into the hands wrong. That is why many organizations decide to make frequent use of tests to check the status of their servers and equipment as well as the access policies to these, in this scenario we have functional tools for this and one of these is Metasploit..


TechnoWikis will explain in detail what Metasploit is and how you can install it in Ubuntu 20.04.


What is Metasploit
Metasploit has been developed as a penetration testing platform in order to detect, exploit and validate vulnerabilities that put the general integrity of services and elements of the environment at risk.


Metasploit is made up of Metasploit Pro and Metasploit Framework..


Metasploit Pro is designed for users who will do their tests through the web interface while Metasploit Framework is an open source project thanks to which we can have access to the infrastructure, the contents, as well as the utilities to carry out the tests penetration and security audits.



Metasploit Features
Among all the features of Metasploit we highlight:


  • Vulnerability validations
  • Social engineering
  • Nexpose integration
  • Session cleaning
  • Reuse of credentials
  • Vulnerability validation
  • Phishing wizard
  • Proxy Pivots
  • Web application testing
  • Persistent sessions
  • Data import and scan
  • Discovery explorations
  • Exploitation workflow
  • Data export
  • Gathering evidence
  • Credential management
  • Team collaboration



Metasploit modules
Metasploit Framework works with different modules which are independent pieces of code or software to carry out tasks such as:


  • Exploitation
  • Auxiliary support
  • Data payload
  • Payload without operation (NOP)
  • Post-exploitation module
  • Encoder



Metasploit Services
Besides this, it is important to know that Metasploit runs the following services on Ubuntu 20:


  • PostgreSQL: this is in charge of executing the Metasploit Pro database to store data from a project
  • Ruby on Rails - Your task is to run the Metasploit Pro web interface
  • Pro service - Also known as Metasploit service, Rails bootstraps, Metasploit Framework, and Metasploit RPC server.


Let's see how to install Metasploit on Ubuntu 20.04..



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How to install Metasploit on Ubuntu 20.04


Step 1

We will go to the following link where the Metasploit project is hosted:







Step 2

In the Linux section we copy the installation code available there, then we access the Ubuntu 20.04 terminal and paste it there:





Step 3

This will take care of downloading each and every Metasploit packages and plugins:





Step 4

When the process ends we will see the following:





Step 5

To access Metasploit we execute the following command:



Step 6

In the question about creating a new database we enter "no" and the configuration process will be completed:





Step 7

We execute the "help" command to access the complete list of options to use with Metasploit:




With this we can take advantage of the features of Metasploit in Ubuntu 20.04.



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