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How to uninstall GameLoop on Windows 10 PC | Completely

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At present, gaming platforms have taken an important place in the lives of millions of users due to the facilities that they give us to play in a real way, with good graphics, good response speed and other characteristics that make each game a new experience, in this world of platforms we have GameLoop..


GameLoop emulates or simulates the operation of an Android phone with which any game for this mobile system can be used without problems there and it is popular since when playing on a PC we have more hardware resources than on a mobile phone. GameLoop gives us the opportunity to play hundreds of mobile games either on a PC or laptop, this has been developed by Tencent and is classified as the official Call of Duty Mobile emulator, we can download it at the following link:





Now, after a while we may want to uninstall GameLoop from our system for various reasons, from slowness on the computer to the use of other platforms, if this is the case TechnoWikis will explain how to uninstall it completely in Windows 10.


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How to uninstall GameLoop in Windows 10 completely


Step 1

We check that GameLoop is up and running:






Step 2

To uninstall it we are going to use the IObit Uninstaller utility which is available at the following link:


 IObit Uninstaller


Step 3

This is a free application that helps to remove the software, but it goes further by uninstalling many of the files that remain in the background of the application. Once IObit Uninstaller is installed, we access it and in the "All Programs" section we select GameLoop and click the "Uninstall" button located at the top:





Step 4

The following wizard will be displayed:





Step 5

There we activate the box "Automatically delete residual files" and click "Uninstall", we will see the following:





Step 6

There we confirm by clicking on "Uninstall" to start the process:





Step 7

Then the following will be displayed:





Step 8

There it is confirmed that GameLoop has been uninstalled, when closing this window the residual files will be uninstalled:





Step 9

Once the process is finished we will see the following. There we see everything that has been removed from GameLoop in Windows 10, we click OK to close the wizard.



[attachment = 108148: 8-How-to-uninstall-GameLoop-on-Windows-10-completely.png]



Step 10

After this we open the Run command with one of the following options:




Step 11

In Run we enter the following:
 % appdata% 




Step 12

We click OK and in the open window we locate the folder "Tencent", we use the following keys and the following message will be launched:



Shift + Del








Step 13

We click Yes to confirm the permanent deletion of this folder and its files:





Step 14

Once eliminated, we enter "regedit" in the Start search box and there we select "Run as administrator":






Step 15

In the registry editor we go to the following path:
Step 16

We right click on the key "Tencent" and select "Delete":







Step 17

In the pop-up window we click Yes to delete this editor key:




Step 18

We see that it has been eliminated:




Step 19

Finally, we go to the Explorer and from Vista we activate the box "Hidden elements", we go to C: \ ProgramData and validate that there are no Tencent folders. If they exist, we must remove them from the Explorer.






Step 20

After this we restart the system to complete the process, we see that GameLoop is no longer installed in Windows 10:





With these steps we can completely uninstall GameLoop in Windows 10..


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