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Install Apache on Windows Server 2022, 2019 | HTTP server

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Windows Server 2022 (in the Insider phase) is composed of numerous roles and functions that facilitate the management of objects in the domain, but it is possible to add many more functionalities to the server to carry out special tasks, one of these options is to install Apache on Windows Server..


Apache Server gives us the opportunity to set up an open source HTTP server so that users can host and manage their applications, this is achieved with a secure and extensible server where HTTP services are available that are compatible with today's HTTP standards.


Apache Server
Apache Server offers us features such as:


  • Asynchronous support.
  • General Purpose Expression Analyzer
  • Integration of more than 20 new modules
  • Loading multiple MPMS at runtime
  • Includes the FastCGI daemon as a startup utility
  • Administration of logs or events
  • Allows the configuration of a virtual hosting based on IP
  • We can add access restrictions to certain files and more




We are going to see how to install Apache on Windows Server 2022 to increase its functionalities..



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Install Apache on Windows Server 2022, 2019



Step 1

We right-click on the Start menu and select the "System" option:





Step 2

This in order to see the architecture of the system, in this case 64-bit:





Step 3

Now we go to the C ++ website:



 C ++


Step 4

There we download the latest version Suitable based on the architecture of our server:





Step 5

Run the installer once the download is finished, the following wizard will open:





Step 6

We accept the license and click "Install" to start the process:





Step 7

At the end we will see the following. We click Close to exit the wizard.





Step 8

Now we go to the Apache URL in the following link:








Step 9

We click on "Download" and then we will see the following:





Step 10

There we click on the line "Files for Microsoft Windows" to be redirected to the following window:





Step 11

We click on "Apache Lounge" to download the ZIP file:





Step 12

Apache Lounge takes care of delivering binaries for Windows in an up-to-date way.
Once downloaded we go to the path and extract the content of the file by right clicking and selecting "Extract all":





Step 13

The extraction process will start:





Step 14

We copy the Apache folder:





Step 15

We paste this in drive C:





Step 16

We access the folder to see its content:





Step 17

We access the command prompt as administrator:





Step 18

In the console we enter "cd C: \ apache24 \ bin \":





Step 19

We install Apache with the command "httpd -k install":






Step 20

After this we go to the Apache folder and open "htdocs" where we see the index file:





Step 21

With the notepad, observe the content of the index which will be the one we see when accessing from a browser:





Step 22

Now we enter "services" in the Start menu:





Step 23

We right click on Apache 24 and select the "Start" option:





Step 24

After this, a After browser we enter "localhost" and we will see the text of htdocs:




This has been the process to install Apache on Windows Server 2022.


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