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How to shut down, restart or force restart Samsung Galaxy A02, A02s and A12

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There is no doubt that most of us carry the mobile phone with us 24 hours a day and that we make frequent use of all its services, since in addition to communicating, we use it for other types of things such as connecting to the web in search of information, we access social networks or enter our mail to see the new mails..



This means that on many occasions we do not turn it off and it remains on for days and days. Although the new terminals have a large battery, the truth is that it is important that we know how to turn off the phone, how to turn it on and how to force it off, since in this way we can do this whenever we want, already in addition to Sometimes it will be necessary to solve different problems that we may be experiencing, such as the terminal getting caught.


That is why below we show you all the steps you must follow to know how to turn off, restart or force restart in the following Samsung models..

  • Shut down, restart or force restart Samsung Galaxy A02
  • Shut down, restart or force restart Samsung Galaxy A02s
  • Shut down, restart or force restart Samsung Galaxy A12


The steps you must follow are the following:


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1. How to force shutdown or force restart Samsung Galaxy A02, A02s and A12

If we see that we are experiencing different problems on the phone, one of the best processes we can carry out is to force its shutdown or restart. For this, the steps are as follows.


Fix bugs
  • Fix bugs where the phone is not responding.
  • Fix bugs in updates.
  • Improve the use of installed applications and in a more fluid way.
  • Solve problems that have arisen in different apps.


You must hold down the keys of:

  • Low volume
  • Bixby





Step 2

Once this is done, you will see that the restart of the phone begins to occur. Now when the phone turns on you can check that the problems have been solved.




2. How to turn off or restart Samsung Galaxy A02, A02s and A12

Here we can find two options.


Option 1
In this option you must slide the panel from the top. You will see a shutdown icon where you can press and confirm to turn off the phone




The next thing will be to confirm the action by clicking on "Shutdown"





Option 2
The other option for off and on is as follows:
  • Press the side on / off button for a few seconds.
  • You will see that there are several options on the screen. Click on the option you want to make.






In this way you can turn off, turn on or force restart the Samsung Galaxy A02, A02s and A12 whenever you need it.


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