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How to record the screen of your web browser without any software

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The RecordScreen online service allows you to record the screen, in order to film your web browser, for example. A very practical tool, which avoids having to install anything.

A picture is better than a long speech, they say. And a series of images, broadcast for example at the rate of 24 images per second? It's even better. For those who have already had to help their loved ones with IT, it is sometimes necessary to accompany their explanations (whether on the phone or by chat) with one or more screenshots , so that the person can better understand what you are talking about. .

But there are times when it's a better video to send. However, if the screen capture tool is already mastered by many of you, this may not be the case with the software used to record the screen. The good news is that there is a very convenient online service. Her name ? RecordScreen.io . It captures the screen without you needing any software, or any extension.


You just need to click on the "Record" button, choose what you want to record (just the screen or the combination of the screen plus your webcam, if you have one), then press "Start recording ”. The browser can then ask to validate the fact of sharing your screen with the site (it is indeed necessary to grant permissions for the screen, the microphone and the camera).

Then choose what you want to share from the drop-down menu - here it will be the RecordScreen site - and check “Allow”. At this point, recording begins. For example, if you switch from one tab to another, there will always be at the top of the screen a little reminder from Firefox (we did this test with this browser) that a recording is in progress. Classes.

To give you an idea of ​​the rendering, we share a very short video below. It only lasts a few seconds, but it was very easy to do. The criticism, however, that we can make is the lack of fluidity of the sequence. If you go down or up the elevator on an article that is very long, for example, it is done in spurts. It's not blocking, but it should be noted.


The site announces that the videos are processed in the web browser and are not sent to the service's servers at all. However, if the tool is very practical, it is advisable to be cautious about what one plans to record. And therefore on what we plan to show, whether at the level of RecordScreen as well as the people who will be recipients of the video you produce.

It is also a warning that we see in Firefox: “  only share Firefox with sites you trust. Sharing can allow deceptive sites to browse on your behalf and steal information  ”. This warning is not found on Google Chrome or Edge, however you must always give permission to access the microphone.

    In the case of Firefox, Chrome or Edge, it is possible to target more specifically what you want to record: the full screen, without limits, the window of an active application (i.e. just the browser or well a folder that you have opened on the computer, or just a specific tab). You just have to indicate what exactly you want to film, and let's go!

    If you are going to save your browser or a computer folder, it is best to make sure before that what will be shown is not a problem. // Source: Pexels / Jessica Lewis (cropped photo)

    Taking into account the more or less pronounced level of access that we can give to the service, it is advisable to have in mind what we are going to show, before any capture. It's not about being paranoid. However, you do not want to inadvertently show tabs, files, histories, favorites, sites, information that are not supposed to be found on video. Ditto if you register your PC.

    The good news is that you can check your recording very quickly. Just save it (the file is in WebM format) and play it back to see if there is anything too inconvenient (you visit whatever sites you want, but keep it to yourself!), Private ( beware of your family photos for example) or sensitive (passwords that appear or a view of your bank account).

    There's no keep and share service with RecordScreen - with the site claiming not to forward anything, that's consistent. You must therefore download the file at the end (beware of the weight: the longer the capture, the heavier the file will be), then share it with the people concerned, by the channel of your choice: by email, via a sharing tool. files or uploading it to a service like YouTube.

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