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Use the fast Facebook Lite to save data, space and NOT install Messenger

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Facebook Lite is an alternative to the original Facebook application for Android ("katana"). Designed by Facebook itself, it is just 1.5 MB in size, compared to 50 MB for the normal app. According to the company, Lite consumes less data or megabytes and works in any condition of the network, something that cannot be said than its Katana version ..

Due to its speed and efficiency in data consumption, Facebook Lite is an extremely interesting option for users who have limited data plans and want to save as much as possible. It is also a better option if you have a low-end Android device, because the normal version of Facebook  can slow your computer .

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Facebook Lite is available on Google Play , but since the developers want it to only be installed by users in developing countries or with low-end phones, its installation may be restricted based on these two aspects. The message This application is incompatible with all your devices or This application is not available in your country may appear on the page of the app in Google Play when trying to install it from a disallowed region or an unacceptable device. The option is to install the APK of Facebook Lite available in APK Mirror ..


This APK is the original instable of the Facebook Lite application, completely intact. It should work perfectly on any Android device of any range.

If the original Facebook app is very slow on an Android device, Facebook Lite is the ideal alternative because it loads fast, is fluid and optimizes data consumption. It is a complete client from which you can do practically everything that the original client offers. In fact, it could be better since it has the chat system incorporated, something that is no longer available in the original client, where it is required to install the Messenger app for this..

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