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What is Lightroom Mobile and what is it for?

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1 How to install Lightroom Mobile
2 What is Lightroom Mobile and what is it for?

Photo editing is today an indispensable companion when it comes to moving around the internet and especially on Social Networks. We are always looking for a way to have images that stand out trying to generate a good quality in them. Although the steps during the photographing process are vital, later editing will end up giving a more complete sense with better results. Although digital publishing began as a practically the protagonist on PC desktops, the truth is that over time we have seen an evolution of applications where there has been a good synapse between the PC and mobile worlds..


This evolution has allowed us to have software versions from our mobile phones that could only be used on a computer before. This forced us to have to take our equipment everywhere to be able to edit with the requirements that this entailed. But with the appearance of adapted applications we have seen that these lines of separation have blurred and now our mobile or Tablet are our best ally.


Among the multiple photo and video editing tools that we can find today, the options that Adobe provides stand out at a professional level, since we can have Photoshop or Lightroom in a mobile version. This allows us to have professional results with only our phone, with the speed often involved in editions such as Social Networks. Within the Adobe suite we will be able to have a version for mobile devices:


Adobe suite mobile
Some of the Adobe applications that you can find in a mobile version are:


  • Acrobat Pro
  • photoshop
  • Adobe Express
  • Lightroom (1TB)
  • Adobe XD
  • Premiere Rush
  • Aero
  • Photoshop Express
  • Fill & Sign
  • Acrobat Sign Solutions
  • AdobeScan
  • Adobe Fresco
  • Capture
  • AdobeConnect


You can find Adobe applications at the following link:



 Adobe Android Apps


 Adobe iOS apps



As you can see, Adobe allows us to have a full range of applications at a professional level only from our mobile or Tablet. That is why it will no longer be an excuse to have the PC at home or in the office when we need professional results for photography or video, Lightroom Mobile will be our great ally. That is why today we are going to start by talking about what Lightroom Mobile is and what Lightroom Mobile is for..


1 How to install Lightroom Mobile

The Lightroom Mobile application is available in a mobile version for both Android and iOS systems and this allows us to professionally edit our images in both software. The first thing we have to take into account is that an editing program or application usually requires complete hardware, so the better your specifications are, the better the Lightroom app will perform. Many times we try to install applications that are very demanding of resources on limited devices and that means that we cannot get the most out of them, even causing slowdowns in use. Therefore, we recommend that the first thing you do is check if your mobile device has the minimum necessary requirements:


Minimum requirements for Android
To install Lightroom Mobile on Android we will need:


  • At least we will need a 1.5GHz 4-core CPU processor with ARMv7 architecture and a 2.2 GHz 4-core CPU and ARMv8 architecture is recommended.
  • Minimum 2GB of RAM required, although 6GB or more is recommended.
  • Minimum internal storage of 8GB although it is recommended to have 64GB or more.
  • Minimum software version supported by Oreo 8.X and later.



Minimum requirements for iOS
To install Lightroom Mobile on iOS we will need:


  • Minimum iOS version 14.0 or later of any iPhone or iPad.



Step 1

Once we know that we do meet the hardware and software requirements to be able to install Lightroom Mobile, we can proceed to download and install the application. To do this we will go to the App Store or Play Store and install it.




 Lightroom Android


 Lightroom iPhone


 Lightroom iPad


Step 2

Once the application is installed we can open it and start using Lightroom Mobile on our mobile device:




Although the Lightroom Mobile application is free, keep in mind that it contains premium content and settings, so you could also do with a monthly plan that includes all the resources in full if you wish:


 Lightroom Plans




2 What is Lightroom Mobile and what is it for?

We have already started seeing a little about what Lightroom Mobile is, but now we will decipher why it will be an essential ally for professional photo and video editing in the mobile version. We are going to start seeing what Lightroom Mobile is once we have already managed to install and download this application. As we already have it well installed on our device, we are going to see what we can do with it and that is if you want great editing results on just your mobile phone or tablet, you will see that Lightroom Mobile is a great option with the to achieve professional results from our mobile device. We will also tell you what the main functions are so that you understand what Lightroom Mobile is for:


What is Lightroom Mobile
Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a free photo and video editing tool that allows us to capture and edit photos and videos from our mobile devices. It belongs to the Adobe suite and having an app version allows us to use it from our mobile phones, tablets or iPad.
Thanks to the edition with Lightroom Mobile we will be able to create images that adapt to the needs of the moment since the necessary result for a campaign in summer will not be the same as for a winter one or an image for our feed according to the style that we are always generating.


The key to Lightroom Mobile is that it allows us to make basic edits to the different components of our image, such as brightness, contrast, color or light, thus achieving images that are completely different from the original ones. By having tools similar to those of the PC version we will also be getting professional results that will surprise you.


What is Lightroom Mobile for?
Among the functions that we can perform with the Lightroom Mobile mobile application we can highlight:


  • Full photo and video editing from a mobile device
  • Eliminate unwanted elements in the photo thanks to the Correction panel
  • Make automatic selections to apply adjustments to specific zones
  • Make original and edited image comparisons in real time
  • Trimming and editing video clips
  • Great compatibility with latest generation lenses and cameras
  • Using presets to make quick edits
  • Lens distortion correction
  • RAW editing
  • Cloud storage
  • Synchronization with other devices



Workflow in Lightroom Mobile
When we are using Lightroom Mobile we can work on photo and video editing under some essential commands within this tool and that make up an essential workflow:


  • Photo and video capture
  • Import photos and videos
  • Find and organize photos and videos
  • Photo and video editing
  • Photo and video saving, exporting and sharing.



In this way we will already know what Lightroom Mobile is and what we can use it for when we need to edit photos and videos from mobile devices. Now we encourage you to install Lightroom Mobile and start trying to edit photos and videos from your mobile.

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