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How to recover deleted files with Power Data Recovery?

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What is Power Data Recovery all about?
How to recover files with Power Data Recovery?

If you have been working on a project on your computer for a long time and suddenly notice that you have deleted it by mistake, that could cause you not only a headache, but also a huge waste of time redoing the contents. Even with the risk that they won't turn out as good as the first time. Therefore, many times in these cases, it is best to have a tool on hand that can be of immediate help. To do this, we are now going to teach you how to recover deleted files with Power Data Recovery ..

Power Data Recovery, an application developed by the computer solutions company, is currently one of the best alternatives that we have available when trying to recover lost files that do not appear on our PC and that we may have deleted by mistake or by mistake. a failure in the system.

It proposes all kinds of answers for common problems on our computers although, within its large catalog of interesting software, the one that can get us out of trouble the most stands out without a doubt..

What is Power Data Recovery all about?

As we said before, Power Data Recovery is a very efficient software for recovering files deleted by mistake or failure of our hard drive, which stands out among other similar ones for its ease of use, becoming one of the best choices that novices can make in these instances.

In addition to that, it gives us the possibility of testing its operation completely free of charge, recovering deleted files up to a size limit..

With this, you will not only be able to get back with those elements that you thought were lost forever but, at the same time, know how the details of its operation are, to know if it is worth purchasing its full version to have all its functions.

Before getting into the tutorial with which you can take advantage of this program, we want to remind you that Power Data Recovery is compatible with all versions of Windows, also supporting other devices, both internal and external, as long as they have been formatted in FAT or in NTFS.

How to recover files with Power Data Recovery?

Well, at this point we are going to show you what steps to follow to have a first experience recovering deleted files together with Power Data Recovery.

First of all, you have to go to the program's official website and download it, selecting the "Free Download" option to have the executable on your PC, so you can have it as soon as possible.

Once that is done, let's go with the step by step to recover deleted items with Power Data Recovery:

  • Run the application on your computer
  • You will access its main window

First of all, you have to select the type of recovery you are interested in, the possible options being “ Deleted Files ”, “ Damaged Partitions ”, “ Lost Partitions ”, “ Multimedia Devices ” or “ Optical Discs ”.

The most common thing will be, as we have described in the previous paragraphs, that users try to recover files deleted by accident. In that case, you should choose the first of the available options

  • Next, indicate which of the hard drives you want to work on this time
  • Click Recover to launch the recovery mechanism for files deleted from the disk
  • After a few moments, a series of information will be displayed, normally cataloged by folders.
  • You have to indicate the folder in which you think the deleted file was located when it disappeared
  • When you have done this, you will see the files that can be recovered
  • You must click on Save Files to bring them back to your PC, also adding the path to save them


As you can see, the procedure itself to recover deleted files is actually very simple. It does not require prior advanced computer knowledge. Therein lies one of the strong points of Power Data Recovery. You can use it even if you have never used similar software before. Also recommend it to that friend who usually has problems with his lost items. And, all this, without losing sight of its free option.

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